About Us

OnYourMap is a long-lasting team of passionate professionals working together from all around the world, with our head office situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Our journey started in 1998 when Internet companies first started to sprout. From the very beginning, we were passionate about mapping, navigation, routing and geocoding.

With new challenges rising, and technologies maturing at fast pace, we constantly and purposefully continued to evolve. Our experience in outdoor navigation and mapping services has led us to the development of new solutions for localization inside buildings. Our solutions are ready for locating assets, vehicles and people outdoors, indoors and in transit, benefiting from emerging IoT technologies. With us, you will be able to collect data on itineraries, usage and flows, an important base on your way to improving cost-effectiveness. 

One of our main goals is to provide robust solutions that are user-friendly and easily integrated in your business’ day-to-day management. We are experts in evaluating your specific needs and will assist you when choosing the right solution for you. We will accompany you every step of the way from our first exchange to final installation and maintenance. 

In Europe as well as in the Middle East, we handle heavy duty systems with millions of requests per day. Working with leading companies from the telecommunication and transportation sectors has taught us to be thorough, organized and reliable.

We believe in a future optimized with IoT and mapping solutions combined for improved day-to-day as well as strategic planning.  Our solutions are a perfect fit for hospitals facing new challenges such as maintaining high standards in patient comfort and quality medical services, as well as minimising personnel and material cost, while premises grow and patient numbers increase. 

Our history and experience can’t be packed into a few paragraphs. Why don’t you contact us to learn more or meet us?