“Our close partnership with OnYourMap allowed us to achieve our objectives of improving the safety of the outpatients department at Henri-Mondor Hospital. An innovative IoT project in a complex medical environment, the solution makes it possible to perform real-time visualization and analysis of time spent per patient in each stage of our service of care.  By configuring zones such as the operating theatre, we improved resource planning and workflow to cater for the constantly growing number of patients without reducing the comfort and care of our patients.”

“Robust solutions, reliability, expertise, cost-effectiveness and trust – those are the values RATP Smart Systems associates with OnYourMap after years of partnership. Over the years, OnYourMap has shown dedication towards meeting our constantly evolving needs resulting in regular usage increase (billions of demands per year). The quality of their product and competitively priced services are proof that OnYourMap may share the market with major players.”

“OnYourMaps’ EAGLE IoT Car Rental solution really helped in optimizing our business towards more cost-efficiency where over 50% of stolen vehicles were recovered ensuring a significant ROI. Now, we localize lost vehicles with ease and index damages to our cars on one single interface, simple to use. Therefore, we have more transparency and can improve our services for our clients. It truly is a solution that deserves attention – it is rare to find such a reliable partner with competitive prices on the market.”