How it works
Valuable items are equipped with a small tag, barely visible, with no impact on usability and functionality.
In real-time, identify the location and path travelled of any individually tracked item within hospital premises.
Use the resulting data to prevent loss and prolonged searches within premises. Also, enable forward planning: • material stocks • logistics • optimized utilization
Real-time trackingA cost-effective indoor solution that is easy to install and designed to integrate with existing infrastructure.  The platform includes a user-friendly interface for real time visualization of tracked medical items on a floor plan.
Non-invasive installationIn order to locate your assets in real-time, we offer hardware specifically designed and installed to fit hospital nfrastructure and constraints.
APIOur platform provides efficient APIs that allow teams to create connectors with existing applications and tools making key features accessible to existing business processes.
Data collectionAiming at supporting process fitness and analytics, the data collected throughout the journey of each medical object such as history of position will be securely encrypted and stored on our platform and made available via our APIs. 
Return on investementAutomated tracking of assets removes costly time spent by highly qualified personnel looking for misplaced items – ensuring a significant return on investment.