How it works
Healthcare Flow offers an overview of patient presence in predefined zones thanks to gateways interacting with small devices placed with the patient, retrieving passage from zone to zone.
Retrieving patient entry or exit from one zone to the other, the interface will show number of patients per zone in real-time, using the last know position. Patient anonymity is preserved.
Thanks to the date stocked and available on our platforms, accurate analysis and forecast on investments are possible – crucial for increased cost-effectiveness while improving patient comfort.
Patient experienceUpon admission, the patient is fully informed on the objective of the data collection and filled in on how his position is localised during his passage through the care units. All retrieved information stays anonymous: patient data is not retrieved, which guarantees sensitive data protection.
Transmitted informationThe solution tracks the entry and exit movements of patients within predefined zones in real-time, but does not show exact position. The main goal is to retrieve information about patient number per zone.
Adapted installationA cost-effective indoor solution that is easy to install and designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure, respecting hygiene and security constraints proper to medical environment.  
User-friendly interfaceThe platform includes an interface that presents a clear visualization and self-explanatory, intuitive usage. 
Immediate reactionAutomated collection of flow movements permits personnel to adapt quickly to peak periods and patient needs, ensuring an improvement in personalized and advised care.
APIOur platform provides efficient APIs that allows teams to create connectors with existing applications and tools making key features accessible to existing business processes.
Data collectionAiming at supporting process fitness and analysis, the data collected throughout the journeys and flow movements such as duration of position within a defined zone will be securely stored on our platform and made available via our APIs. 
Return on investmentHealthcare Flow not only permits a real-time surveillance of occupancy or saturation in care units but delivers data to assert long-term improvements needed to enhance service management and maximize profitability.