How it works
Valuable items will be equipped with a small tag, no impact on size, weight and quality of item that shall be tracked
Be aware of your item’s position and itinerary in hospital premises. Follow it along its trajectory tracked at high frequency in real-time.
Use the collected data to plan ahead: pharmacy stocks and logistics, optimized transfers to patient and safety of valuable medication. For a cost-effective management and additional security on medication quality.
LocalizationA cost-effective indoor solution, easy to install, studied to fit your infrastructure, providing access to a user friendly interface, to locate  your medical products in real-time with their last position available on a floor-plan. 
Save timeOur platform keeps you connected to your medical asset at all time and will be your primary support in case medication (eg. chemotherapy pouches) is misplaced or put in the bin by mistake. 
Return on investmentTracking your products removes the need of costly time spent by too highly qualified personnel looking for misplaced assets – ensuring a significant return of investment.
Data collectionOur data collected throughout the journey of each medical object will be securely stored on our platform and made available to your administration via our API, to support process fitness and analysis.
Availability of product temperatureWhen a medical treatment has a defined temperature threshold to comply to, we will record temperatures for later usage such as process or logistics improvement.
Improved patient care and comfortOur solution drastically reduces the time currently required to deliver and administer to your patients urgent care by tracking any critical misplacement during the journey of your expensive medical treatment.
APIOur platform provides efficient APIs that allows your team to create connectors with your existing tools making accessible our key features in your existing business processes.