Technology Overview

Are your solutions ready for usage upon delivery?

Our standard is full service with flexibility towards configuration. Our solutions are developed according to specific client needs and offer an interesting range of configurables. The OnYourMap experts will guide you from first contact to end of installation, as well as through maintenance, for the best results.

Do your solutions adapt to premises?

We will be sure to adapt installation to premises and their specific building constraints. 

Our experts will be sure to guide you through the process of defining exact number, orientation and placement of beacons on your premises, to ensure accuracy corresponding to your needs and best overall performance. 

What impact will your solutions have on our premises in terms of installation?

We always aim for the least invasive installation possible and will advise you on what technology is best to be used to reach this goal. Our solutions are compatible with BLE, WIFI, GPS, LTME and RFID, which will be chosen in collaboration with you to ensure best performance with littlest impact on building. 

Do you have pre-requirements before starting installation? 

We do not have any pre-requirements. As our solutions are developed to function with different technologies (BLE, WIFI, GPS and RFID), we will be able to adapt to premises predispositions, use what is already present and keep installation processes at their lowest if this is what you wish for. 

Do your solutions work around all premises, indoor and outdoor?

We are able to cover indoor and outdoor and ensure a transition between the two without loss of signal. 

For outdoor localization: GPS chips, no limits to tracking plus: geofence setup via interface

For accurate indoor positioning: depending on client demands, our solutions may be installed for using BLE, WIFI or RFID technologies. 

The interface – how does it integrate in daily processes? 

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive and will therefore be easily adopted.